Saturday, 21 January 2012

CEO Speech 17 January 2012

Speech by Dr. John Tang Ing Ching, Managing Director of Rejang Medical Centre on 17.1.2012 on the launching of 64 slice CT scan, digital Mammogram and cardiology services.

YB Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, Senior Minister of Local Government and Community Development
YB Dr. Annuar Rapaee, Elected Representative of State Legislative Assembly for Nangka
Reporters, friends and colleagues,

A very good morning. On behalf of Rejang Medical Centre, I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to our hospital.

About 9 years ago, Dato Sri Wong was right here officiating the opening of Rejang Medical Centre.

Since then a lot has happened at Rejang.

Rejang has grown to be the largest private hospital in the Central Region with 59 beds and 12 resident specialists with a staff strength of over 200.

We have become the pioneer in private healthcare in many areas. We were the first private hospital in Sibu to introduce 24 hour emergency care, ambulance services, in house laboratory and blood bank, hemodialysis unit, physiotherapy unit, audiology unit, an Ear, Nose and Throat Department and an Eye Department. We even created the first test tube baby in Sibu.

On top of these, we were also the first private hospital in Sibu to establish a Radiology Department, the first to bring in CT scan, MRI, fluoroscopy, computer radiology and digital mammogram.

All these new expansions and new facilities involved millions and millions of ringgit. Today, the installation of the 64 slice CT scan and digital mammogram alone is worth about 3 million ringgit.

It is very unlikely that we will ever see the return of our investment. 

However, with the encouragement of YB Dato Sri Wong and the support and trust of the Sibu people, we would like to tell you this:  it is worth it.

We owe it to all of you to give the best we can.

That is also the reason why we are so fortunate that Dr. Annuar, who is an expert in cardiac imaging, has taken up our invitation to join us, so that the people of Sibu can now fully utilize the benefit of 64 slice CT scan.

Rejang Medical Centre will continue to strive to be the centre of excellence for private healthcare in the region. We will continue to expand, to bring in new facilities and to attract young and gifted doctors and paramedics to come to Sibu to serve our people. This has been and will always be our pledge.

YB Dato Sri Wong, thank you once again for your advice and encouragement.

And YB Dr. Annuar, welcome to our team.

Thank you. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Launching of 64-slice CT scan and digital mammogram

On 17th January 2012, our medical centre launched its brand new 64-slice CT scan by Toshiba and digital mammogram. The newly installed CT scanner at Rejang Medical Centre is capable of producing images of the heart and its surrounding arteries that are almost as reliable and accurate as more invasive procedures to check for blockages.

Though the 64-slice CT scanner won't replace the need for inspecting arteries by cardiac catheterization (or coronary angiography), the scans will help cardiologists more quickly rule out those who can skip the more invasive procedures. Studies have also showed that early detection with 64-CT is a good predictor of who will need angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery to open up new blood supply routes to the heart.

Dr. Annuar Rapaee, formerly Associate Professor of UNIMAS, a consultant cardiologist, will be manning the newly launched cardiology services at Rejang Medical Centre to enable the full utilization of the facility. 

Technical features of our new CT are scanner are available at

Digital mammography at Rejang Medical Centre

Digital Mammogram at Rejang Medical Centre

Breast cancer is the commonest cancer in women in Malaysia, and the gold standard of diagnosis is via mammography. In essence, mammograms are X-ray of the breasts and used to detect breast cancer in women.

Mammograms can save lives by detecting breast cancer or tumor before they are visible to the naked eyes or even felt upon by physical examination of the breasts. 

Mammograms are used for both screening and diagnosis of breast cancer.

During mammogram the breast is pressed between 2 plates and X-ray taken. Once the images are taken, the radiologist can review the films and report.

What are the benefits of Digital mammograms as compared to the conventional analogue mammogram?
1.        No waiting - images from digital mammograms can be view on a monitor within
15 seconds. There is no need to wait for film developing as in analogue mammograms
2.        High resolution images. Digital mammograms offer the advantages of easily
adjusting the contrast / brightness and magnification of the images. By adjustment
radiologist can distinguish healthy tissue from abnormal areas.
3.        Digital monograms requires up to 60% less radiation per image and is 8 times
faster than analog mammograms. Digital mammograms reduce the need for
retakes or patient call-back due to poor qualify analog films. That will save
women time and reduce exposure to radiation.
4.       Storage and transmission. Digital mammograms images can be stored in films,
CDs and computer electronic film archiving.
5.        Better results. Studies have shown that digital mammogram are 15—30% more
accurate at detecting breast cancer tumor in women with dense breasts.

64-slice CT Scan

A quick summary of the new features of our new CT scan are as follow,

Faster and clearer image acquisition
- 64 row quantum detector with its 57,344 elements facilitated isotropic data acquisition utilizing 0.5mm thin slices through the whole body, thus giving unsurpassed image clarity.
- High speed 35Omillisecond scanning offer unsurpassed image quality at the fastest speed.    It allows visualization of the heart and entire coronary tree within one breath.  Apart from cardiac scanning, there are also other specialized applications for trauma scanning, pediatric scanning, orthopedic scanning and vascular scanning.

Safer with lower radiation dose
- Reduced radiation scanning dose Real time exposure control automatically adjust the tube current to the patient body habitus to reduce dose maintaining good image quality.
- Up to 40%o radiation dose reduction compare with conventional scanner.

Specialized functions
- Cardiac scanning soft wares (sure-cardio / sure-cardio scoring / phaseXact). The entire heart can be scan in a few heart beats.
- 3D CTA of the cardiac arteries and arterial vascular system assured through the high speed data collection using 64 detector row.
- CT-DSA(digital subtraction angiogram) soft ware automatically digital subtract intra and extra cranial vessels from bone.
- Dental analysis - comprehensive dental MPR soft ware with easy to use tools for pre-operative planning.
- Cerebral blood perfusion study - brain blood flow characteristics are analyzed from dynamic scan images and the results are displaced as color map images.
- High performance VITREA 2 workstation offer detailed reconstructing MPR / MPI / 3D images of anatomy and pathology to support disease detection.